Students are required to complete 32 credits of coursework, including 21 credits of required courses and 11 credits of electives. Students must pass all courses with a B or better.

Students can choose electives from any course offered by the basic science departments at the 500 level or higher, except for those courses equivalent to required courses. Students have the flexibility to tailor the program towards their research interests with their choice of electives.

Required Courses

* Students applying for Advanced Standing can use transfer credits to substitute required courses indicated with an asterisk (*) and electives. No more than 16 credits can be transferred.

BCHB 5001: Biochemistry & Cellular Sciences
4 credits | Fall Semester

BCHB 5003 & BCHB 5004: Journal Club
1 credit each | Fall & Spring Semester

BCHB 5028: Modern Methods*
3 credits | Fall Semester

BCHB 6001: Biochemistry, In Depth
2 credits | Fall Semester

BCHB 9999: Thesis Research
0 credits | Summer, Fall, or Spring Semester

CBIO 5390: Molecular & Cellular Biology
3 credits | Spring Semester

CBIO 5620: Molecular & Cellular Biology: In Depth
2 credits | Spring Semester

SYSM 5900: Application of Biostatistics to Big Data
3 credits | Fall Semester

TBIO 6562: Survival Skills & Ethics*
2 credits | Spring Semester

Research Rotations

BCHB 9985: Research Rotation Summer Semester
BCHB 9986: Research Rotation Fall Semester
BCHB 9987: Research Rotation Spring Semester