Master’s Programs

Find the right Master of Science program or Graduate Certificate program for you!

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology houses 5 Master of Science Degrees and a Graduate Certificate. If you are interested in biochemistry and cellular biology, you will be able to find the right program for you.

MS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

A degree dedicated to concepts in biochemistry and molecular biology as applied to biomedical sciences.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

MS in Bioinformatics

Is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis in genomics, proteomics and systems biology.


MS in Biotechnology

Become well-versed in science and business of biotechnology with an emphasis in one of six tracks.


MS in Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences

Built on the three fundamental pillars of science, complementary and integrative medicine, and evidence.

Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences

MS in Systems Medicine

Train to use cutting-edge technology and learn a new language which is the application of “-omics” technology and Big Data to patient care.

Systems Medicine

Certificate in Biotechnology BioBusiness

Explore management opportunities, business skills, and opportunities in the biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

Biotechnology BioBusiness