While the field of bioinformatics encompasses a wide variety of computational, mathematical, and molecular technologies, the bioinformatics faculty in Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology have a particularly strong focus on protein and proteomics informatics, from the analysis of experimental mass-spectrometry evidence for proteins and protein isoforms to the integration and curation of large-scale data-warehouses of protein sequence and functional annotation.

Faculty with a Research Interest in Bioinformatics

  • Hakima Amri [Associate Professor]
  • Mark Danielsen [Associate Professor]
  • Nathan Edwards [Associate Professor]
    Proteomics informatics; mass spectrometry; inexact string matching; high-performance, grid, and cloud computing; microorganism identification.
  • Albert Fornace, Jr. [Professor]
    Molecular targets.
  • Karen E Ross [Assistant Professor]
  • Sona Vasudevan [Associate Professor]
    Protein structure informatics; antibody classification.
  • Cathy Wu [Adjunct Professor]
    Protein Information Resource (PIR); protein classification systems and databases.