Research Opportunites

Students in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Masters Program have access to numerous resources for enriching their research experience. 

Lab Training

Student working in a lab

Our program curriculum is designed around providing Masters’s students with an experiential and methodological learning environment that will lay the groundwork for future careers in academia and industry. Early on, students gain significant hands-on training experience by performing in-depth lab experiments in various lab-based courses. Through an abundance of immersive research opportunities, final semester internships match students with senior research scientists and principal investigators in biomedical research laboratories in scientific institutions and biotechnology companies throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Students interested in learning more about ongoing work in our Department laboratories can do so by visiting our Faculty Research (new window) page on the Department website. For a list of institutions currently serving as internship locations, please visit our internships page. 

Student Research

Student showing a poster with research

As part of their internships and capstone requirements, all Biochemistry Master’s students will have the opportunity to work with exceptional mentors who are passionate about their research and happy to impart their knowledge and expertise to our rising biomedical scientists. Original research developed in internship projects will culminate in tri-annual department-wide poster presentations and a research paper. 

You can find some examples of our students work by visiting our student research poster archive. 

Faculty and Department Research

Faculty doing research

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology is one of the largest research clusters at Georgetown, with over a dozen labs spanning eight areas of research. Students can identify potential research mentors before enrollment.

Please visit the Faculty Research page on the Department website to learn about the kind of work our faculty and PI’s are involved in.