PhD Students

Graduates of both programs have gone on to successful careers in academia, industry, medicine, law, and finance. Prospective students are encouraged to contact former and current students to learn more about the department as well as living, working, and commuting in Washington, DC. You can also contact members of the faculty to learn more about their research.

Nouran Khalid Abu Alsaud
Joy Omolade Adigun
Mina T. Adnani
Ahmad Akhgar
Aisha Ahmed AlJanahi
Lama M Alhawas
Bonnie C Carney
Erin J Conn
Deran Erdengiz
Reem Mushabab Gahtani
Anjelika Gasilina
Parnika Sandesh Kadam
Samiksha Mahapatra
Abrar Mohamad Pauzi
Rami Muath Mosaoa
Digvijay Anand Patil
Lauren R Skeffington
Yang Yang
Kelly Anne Zebrowski